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Board Bootcamp LA

Focus is on building upon YPO WPO careers and leveraging leadership perspectives as a corporate board member. The weekend workshop in Los Angeles, scheduled as a prelude to the GLC, will help participants create their own personal board career action plans in a forum-like setting.

Open to all members, male and female, Board Bootcamp LA will provide an insider's guide on how to be appointed to a corporate board and will introduce participants to current Fortune 500 directors, executive recruiters who specialize in board placement, and other like-minded members.

Resources will include highly-rated YPO-WPO speaker, Susan Stautberg, President of PartnerCom Corporation, which creates and manages advisory boards and conducts corporate director searches.

articipants will also hear from multiple recruiters and veteran board member YPO-WPOers, including the head of YPO-WPO Public and Private Company Directors Group, WPOer Bernie Tenenbaum, WPO Philadelphia. The time together will include one-on-one consulting and mentoring on board career action plans.

YPO-WPO members who attend this program will:

  • Learn best board practices from cutting edge resources
  • Create or improve your board resume
  • Network with other YPOers....we can serve as each other's best referrals
  • Meet with search firm experts who can help evaluate your attractiveness as a board candidate
  • Leave the seminar with your personal Board action plan