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Avalon's Co-Presidents of Capital Markets to speak at PIPEs Forum

Both Ariel Imas and Braden Ferrari, Avalon’s Co-Presidents of Capital Markets, will be each be speaking at the “PIPEs and Registered Directs Markets Forum”, hosted by the World Research Group on March 24th and 25th.

World Research Group’s PIPEs and Registered Directs Markets Forum will explore the radical changes in the 2009 market landscape that have redefined the norm in PIPEs transactions and stakeholders have adapted their approach towards raising capital with innovative deal structures that focus on liquidity. As new entrants change the way companies look at capital raising and liquidity requirements change the way investors evaluate transactions, the evolution of the PIPEs market in 2010 can spell fortune for those positioned properly and disaster for those that fail to adapt.

The PIPEs & Registered Directs Market Forum delivers a 360 degree view of the small cap equities market, examining the newest trends in PIPEs and hybrid deal structures. The Forum brings together issuing companies, placement agents and investors to improve the way that public companies can raise capital through innovative financing structures and it is the only forum of its kind that brings together all stakeholders to get deals done in 2010.

Ariel will be speaking on the panel “Identifying the Best Financing Structures for Different Industries” and focusing on the best deal structures for industries such as healthcare, technology, energy and biotech and an analysis of industry specific trends and how different investor groups are influencing deal terms.

Braden will be speaking on the panel “The Impact of Private Equity Entering the PIPEs Market and Venture Capital Style PIPEs” and focusing on the impact on due diligence and risk assessment standards across the industry and how this effects timing and the issuing company's business objectives and an analysis of the deal terms and transaction structures typically required by private equity or venture capitalists